Friday, March 7, 2014

Intrusive Life: Semi-Hiatus


Well, the situation isn't that dire...There's no need for the
dramatic waterworks...of which there are likely none. :P

Over the next few weeks, I doubt I will have as much time to watch dramas, much less post about them. (Update: I'm able to sneak quite a bit of drama-watching into my school day, but I still don't think I can get around to posting...) *pouts* The number of weeks that constitutes the term "few" will depend on how softball tryouts play out. *raises eyebrow at unexpected pun*

Softball tryouts at my school commence on Monday and last until Thursday or so. By Thursday, or possibly Friday, I will know whether or not I'm playing on the Varsity team, or if I get to sit on my butt. If I do make the cut, the season lasts until late in May. Great...

If I don't make the cut though, I still won't be able to post very much until the beginning of April. Not that I've been posting much, anyway. Mianhae...Anyway, my high school's musical opens in just under three weeks. I'm playing in the pit orchestra for the musical, which is entertaining, despite the fact that the performances will pretty much take up an entire week of my life.

Oh, first-world problems...

After that's done, I get to spend April, and the first half of May, preparing for solo adjudications on flute and voice, and there are also three AP exams I will be preparing for. (Honestly, I'll have to do a lot of preparation for the Statistics exam, as it would probably be a good idea to have more than an almost-adequate understanding of the course.)

So who knows? Maybe I will be gone until the end of May. Maybe, the next time I post here, my seventeenth birthday will have just passed. 

Oh, that's right...I'm aging. *cries into Tigger Pillow Pet*

(Update: I did make the cut for the softball team. *fist pumps the air* So...I will try and watch enough dramas in order to have a bunch of reviews to write at the end of May. The "Currently Watching" list in the sidebar is going to be up-to-date in the meantime.)


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