Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dream High in the Phone Booth (Story) (Part 1?)

They were in the grocery store, in the freezer section, when it happened. A flash of light briefly blinded the two employees,  but it was gone within seconds.

Hye Mi rubbed her brown eyes, slowly readjusting to the natural lighting of the grocery store. She glanced at Sam Dong, who had clumsily fallen to the floor in shock. The boy patted the barely-visible dirt off of his smokey-blue uniform and grinned sweetly at Hye Mi. Rolling her eyes, Hye Mi returned the smile. She ran her slender, pale fingers through her chestnut hair and turned her head in the direction of the aforementioned burst of light.

"Sam Dong-ah," the teenager breathlessly said.

Her ebony-haired coworker followed her gaze. His head cocked to the side in confusion. "Is that...a phone booth?" Sam Dong observed. Sure enough, in front of the two youths was a light-brown, almost pink, phone booth. Well, it could have been a functioning machine once; judging by its complex system of levers and its random appearance beside the shelves of frozen fruit, it likely could no longer be used for telephonic communication.

Slowly but decisively, Hye Mi approached the strange device. As she reached her hand out to grab hold of the doorknob, Sam Dong looked away in fear and tightly shut his eyes. For all they knew, opening that door could unleash a ruthless swarm of extra-terrestrial rock people upon the earth. The stone beings could overrun the store, then the town, then the world, forcing all humans to do their bidding, threatening to headbutt the weaker mortals if their demands weren't met. They'd start with him and Hye Mi, but the latter's brash stubbornness would make her the first victim in the aliens' conquest of the planet. He and Hye Mi would be responsible for the alien takeover that would end mankind.

Sam Dong was about to dash towards his friend to stop her from releasing rocky aliens onto Earth when he heard a scream. His eyes flew open and he snapped his head forward. He took two swift steps towards Hye Mi and held his thin arms out, ready - and more than willing - to envelop the frightened girl into his embrace. Instead she covered her mouth with one hand. She stared, dumbfounded, at the figure in the phone booth.

Standing in the booth, wearing a long, striped, knitted cardigan with a longer black dress underneath, was an extremely thin, black-haired teenage girl. In her arms was a white-feathered goose. With a natural pout on her lips, the girl raised her head to meet the bewildered expressions of the young employees. She opened the door and exited the phone booth, a warm, cute smile developing on her face.

"Hi, I'm Ji Eun," the girl greeted brightly.


I wrote this in my Creative Writing class last Friday while listening to "You & I" by IU. My teacher had given each of the students a sentence to start off a story, and because that song started playing on my phone just as I started writing, I put the song on repeat and made a decision to write fluff. And because I'm in the middle of Dream High, it seemed fitting to use Song Sam Dong and Go Hye Mi as characters. (Note: the use of "Dream High" in the title doesn't have to just be a reference to the drama *titular analysis ideas*)

My specialty is angst, but there's nothing wrong with a little fluff once in a while.

Eventually, the story will be continued...probably. Then the real sugar and rainbows will come out.


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