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Sass and Bias: Pamela's Top 6 Male Actors (First Edition)

Ten days after the anniversary of my unofficial Kdrama entrance, I bring you another favorites list. Today, I am covering my favorite male actors. I thought this list wouldn't be longer than the one containing my favorite female Kdrama actresses, but I am much more confident in the positions these actors hold within the list. Also, I realized ten hours after posting this post that there is a very important actor whom I forgot.

There are 26 completed dramas, in addition to the five I'm watching, to choose actors from, so let's begin!

6. So Ji Sub

Master's Sun (2013)

So Ji Sub suffers from the same obstacle as Gong Hyo Jin and Ha Ji Won, in terms of his placement on my favorite-actors list. I haven't watched many of his projects. I've seen Master's Sun - pardon my squeals - and I've seen A Company Man (in which I noticed him practicing his signature "Kkeojyeo" for Master's Sun).

A Company Man (2012)

While I remember enjoying So Ji Sub in these projects, it's been over half of a year since I've seen any others. In a few of the earlier posts on this blog back in October and November, I mentioned that I wanted to watch Ghost. However, I also said I wanted to watch Nice Guy, and it took me until a month ago to finally start viewing that. Maybe he'll move up the list as time goes on, but for now, he's here at number 4.

5. Song Joong Ki

Nice Guy (2012)

This man - as much as I want to call him a boy, he is 29 - is adorable. He is pretty. He is talented. I have seen him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I spent every moment of his presence flailing around because of his Sungkyunkwan Scholar Sass. In my two viewings of A Werewolf Boy, he exuded so much...aww-ness. (Yes, "aww-ness" is a thing. It's my thing, and my things don't have to make sense. :P) Now, in Nice Guy, this frustrating, talented, mean performance can illicit one reaction from me (besides swooning at this smart-aleck and his anti-hero character):

"Just pretty on, man."

4. Joo Ji Hoon

Five Fingers (2012)

Five Fingers may have been possibly taken off of my favorite-dramas list (due to my fear of the bias I've developed for the three main actors, discounting the mother), but it spawned three of my favorite acting talents: Joo Ji Hoon is the second of these talents. Why have I grown to adore him? Well, there's his voice. There are also his eyebrows; he and fellow favorite actor, Life Ruiner *points to end of post*, have a similar talent in that both can do things with their eyebrows that turn me into mush. I nearly forgot about my newfound love for Joo Ji Hoon because of the incoherent boredom that was Medical Top Team, but ten hours after originally posting this post, I am half an hour into The Naked Kitchen and about to begin flailing because of that voice and that cuteness. (We can't forget the steaminess, though. Never forget.)

3. Yoo Ah In

Secret Love Affair (2014)

To be honest, I didn't consider Yoo Ah In to be anywhere near this list until recently. My friend and I saw him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and my opinion was that the guy was adequate. Through Secret Love Affair, I have realized that Yoo Ah In is far more than adequate. The way he seems to feel every emotion he portrays with every cell in his body is awe-inspiring. In this regard, I might say that he has a more refined acting ability than the two actors above him on this list. Well, the actor immediately above him, at least.

2. Lee Jong Suk

Doctor Stranger (2014)
*glances at Yoo Ah In* *flashes back to this picture*
Oh, look, Lee Jong Suk's lying down and being sad as well...
I'm sure you are all well-acquainted with Socky Tree Monkey. The past couple of years have been fairly successful for him, with High Kick: Revenge of the Short-Legged in 2011, his part in Secret Garden, and the dramas I've actually seen him in: School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, and the currently-airing Doctor Stranger. Socky Tree Monkey, for me, is the embodiment of sass and bias. The attitude Lee Jong Suk brings to the small screen is adorable, as well as the variety of emotions he is steadily able to portray, convey the potential he has to have continued success in show business. He's pretty. He's precious. He has potential. That's my Socky Tree Monkey in a nutshell.

1. Ji. Chang. Wook. (Warning: unmanageable bias ahead!)

Empress Ki (2013-2014)
Five Fingers (2012)

Meet Life Ruiner, if you haven't already. My ultimate bias has been in a number of successful dramas, including Smile, Dong Hae, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, and recently starred in Empress Ki. I've seen him in Smile, Dong Hae (which I'm still watching at a turtle's pace), Empress Ki, and Five Fingers. Within about five minutes of my first introduction to Life Ruiner in Five Fingers, I was in love. A biased, self-destructive love. The way he speaks. The way he sings. The way he makes facial expressions using his eyebrows. The way he exists in dramas is enough to cause a worrisome decline in my sanity. Ji Chang Wook has spent the past seven-and-a-half months ruining my life. I find nothing wrong with that.

I meant it when I titled this post, "Sass and Bias." Each of these actors either brings too much sass to the screen for me to handle (or just enough), causes my inability to function due to an unexplainable bias, or does a combination of the two. These men are both the banes and the protectors of my existence.


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