Monday, June 23, 2014

Flailing in Life-Ruining Feels: An Excuse to Look at Pictures of My Bias

Ji Chang Wook has another drama coming out.

It's not confirmed, but according to two articles (one from Hancinema and one from Dramabeans), it's happening. My Life Ruiner is considering joining the cast of the drama, Mister Baek.

You now have my attention.

Those of you who read my post listing my top 5 actors know that this person is my personal Life Ruiner. Ji Chang Wook is my favorite. Ji Chang Wook is my bias. Ji Chang Wook is my own personal death. So I'm looking forward to spending another drama having my life ruined by Life Ruiner.

Mr. Baek is summarized as a drama about a 70-year-old hotel owner magically becoming a man in his thirties. Not only that, the man (played by Life Ruiner himself) is one of the lowest-leveled employees. This ironic plot premise - he's "grow[ing] young to grow up," as Dramabeans puts it - is the opposite of Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit. In the latter, the main cast of characters is aged into elderly men. In Mister Baek, an old man will become the fatal force that is Ji Chang Wook

You'd better give me those roses, Life Ruiner. How could you not tell me about this? I thought we shared a special bond...I flail and cry over your existence, and you never acknowledge mine. This calls for some relationship management, which is what our time together during the airing of Mister Baek will allow for.

The drama is likely slated to air in the slot left over by It's Alright, It's Love, which - whoa - is premiering in a little over two weeks!

First, I find out about Ji Chang Wook's cameo in KARA's reality show, Secret Love. Then, I find out about this drama. What's next, a movie?

Don't give me that look. O~O
Oh, good grief. I missed the news.

Don't try to get yourself out of this one, you little- oh...Hello...Stop being cute...I can't stay mad at that face.

Oh, look, I've been impaled.


(Update: Nope, I guess not...His agency clarified that he will not be participating...I will wait for you!)

(Update again!!!: He will be in Healer, a drama that will likely air following the drama Nodame Cantabile.)

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