Monday, January 27, 2014


For the past week or so, I haven't been able to watch quite as many Kdrama (or Jdrama) episodes as I would otherwise have. Granted, I had midterms to prepare for in school, but there were other forces preventing me from spending all of my afternoons fangirling over Asian people.

And it's all thanks to these three people here:

The first picture is of Benedict Cumberbatch, the man playing Sherlock Holmes in the BBC drama...Sherlock. I'd been intrigued by how much people seemed to enjoy the show, but it wasn't until Hulu kept repeating the same Sherlock advertisement over...and over...and over again that I finally gave in. Currently (as the other two people pictured above and Kdramas - as well as a tiny bit of Black Butler have kept me from a marathon), I am on episode 3 on Netflix.

Then we have the second and third pictures. These two guys are Dan and Phil from danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, two Youtube channels that are kind of intermingled...They are roommates, after all. I finished watching all of Dan's videos last week, and I have since started watching all of Phil's.

What ties these three all together? (You know, besides the shared address of Dan and Phil...)


The show and the two channels are British.

In my last post, I mentioned in the caption to the last picture that I've been in a British mood for the past week. Seriously, I've been feeling the urge to continue watching A Bit of Fry and Laurie, a sketch-comedy show from the early 1990's that I randomly watch parts of, as well. Hugh Laurie was in it; what can I say?

Most of my time was devoted to Dan, though...That sounds creepy...Let's just ignore the creepy aspect of that sentence, shall we?

I relate to Dan's mental processes so much that it's scary. Plus, as a result of my sympathy and because he's just really funny, he has caused many of what I like to call "laugh attacks" (I began using that term back in middle's a long, boring story...) over the past month.

Phil's...Phil. I don't necessarily laugh at him as much find him as amusing as I do Dan, but he's still entertaining. :)

Sherlock is one of those shows that keeps you on your toes. The scenes are high in energy, the dialogue is witty, and the title character blows your mind with how swiftly clever he is. There is a lot of crackiness in this drama; I kid you not.

Anyway, these three have been momentarily distracting me from my Asian tunnel vision. I would be so much farther in the Korean dramas I'm currently watching if it hadn't been for them.

Not that I mind.

No, I don't mind, since I now have a name for the miniature
 "existential cris[es]" I go through every five minutes.
And technically, episode 2 of Sherlock was about a case
involving Chinese drug dealers and numbers...
Don't ruin my Asian and British escapes from reality :P
Fun times... :)


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