Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Random Post About Eyelid Asymmetry :|

This post will likely make me seem somewhat superficial, but this aspect of the discussed actor's appearance doesn't boost nor hinder my perception of him; it's just a quirky little thing I noticed.

(Update: I have since discovered that there are multiple actors with this sort of occasional eyelid asymmetry, actors such as Jang Geun Suk. Also, it might seem a little rude of me to have found humor in this when I first noticed its existence, so I apologize for that...)

A little over a week ago, I was watching Five Fingers (as I currently am right now). While looking at the face of Joo Ji Hoon, who plays the male lead, I realized something about him in his role as Yoo Ji Ho. From what I can tell by looking at other pictures of him, this is not often the case outside the realm of Five Fingers, although there are a few that subtly depict the type of asymmetry discussed in this post.

In actuality, it's not that big of a deal that one eye has a "monolid" and the other a "double," but the idea just amuses me slightly for some really dumb reason.

Just before starting this post, I also realized that there was an incident that took place last year that can connect back to this.

One day in Phys. Ed class, my friend, Jang Yi, was talking to me about...something I don't quite know how we got onto such a topic. Anyway, she started saying that it bothered her sometimes how one eyelid occasionally would be a somewhat subtle "double eyelid," but she wasn't able to get the other one to be the same unless she used that eyelid-tape thing.

It really wasn't - and still isn't - a glaring feature, and I never even really pay attention when I'm around her (hence why I forgot about this incident up until ten minutes ago). However, the difference between eyelids stands out a bit more to me when it involves Joo Ji Hoon as he acts in Five Fingers.

Call me superficial, but it slightly amuses me when one eye looks larger than the other. This isn't going to impact my overall enjoyment of the drama, but it does infrequently bring a little light to the crazy, makjang darkness of the Five Fingers plot.


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