Monday, November 18, 2013

Changed My Mind On First Rewatch...It's Been a Rough Couple Months For My Lee Min Ho Fan-ness

I was doing my rewatch of City Hunter, but I've been neglecting it... (Primarily because of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which I finished last week, and Five Fingers...and because I've been procrastinating with Running Man.)

I really, really enjoyed during my first run, but there's really not much of a motivation to rewatch it right now. The friend who convinced me to do so - as she finally started watching it - finished City Hunter within about a week, so I can't exactly "re-experience" it with her (her words).

But either way, I wasn't all that enthusiastic about having City Hunter be my first complete rerun. With both City Hunter and Boys Over Flowers, I've only gone back through the first three or so episodes, and I only did the latter because I was bored.

This is due to the fact that, for the past month or so, I've been in the mood to watch I Hear Your Voice and Master's Sun again... So...I think I'm going to choose one of those two, and leave City Hunter for a later time.

Here's what my plan is as of right now, in order:

-finish Five Fingers (probably sometime during the first half of my Thanksgiving break)
-finish Soul (the last discussion in the Facebook group I'm watching it in is on Thanksgiving)
-start I Hear Your Voice (after finishing either FF or Soul, depending on my mood)
-start Smile, Dong Hae (after finishing either FF or Soul, depending on my mood)
-start whatever the next drama is that I'll be watching with the Facebook group

And then I think I'll go through Heirs and catch up on Pretty Man over Christmas break...

I feel bad that I'm not as crazy for Lee Min Ho as much of the Kdrama fandom seems to be...He's just not as much of an "OH MY GOD, I NEED TO WATCH THIS DRAMA NOW" kind of motivator for me anymore... Part of me thinks that it might have something to do with the boredom I felt from Personal Taste and Heirs.


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