Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Kdramas: PPIF #2

Yeah, I think this is going to be a nice little filler-series to do once in a while...

It should be mentioned that on Saturdays, I plan on posting review of a Kdrama that I will have recently finished. In this case, this week's review was supposed to be School 2013, had I completed the last episode before today.

I'm not reviewing School 2013 today...I just didn't feel like crunching the last 2.5 episodes in last night. And today, I've been just bouncing around other Kdramas, so I will likely finish it today (I'm watching it now, and I'm almost done with episode 15.), but I never want to review a show on the same day that I finished it. This will be explained in a separate post...

So, on Saturdays, if I'm not writing a review, I will be posting one of these little fillers; there could be countdowns (we'll see...), PPIFs, or just random blurbs. Today is a PPIF day.

PPIF stands for Past, Present, and Immediate Future. My second post on this blog was dedicated to such a topic. In these posts, I'll just list the dramas I am currently watching, as my "Past" will already have been covered in a previous segment. Also included in the lists will be Kdramas that are in consideration for being the next drama(s) I watch.

Let's get a-goin', shall we?

Recently Finished: (I guess this makes up for the "Past" part... *shrug)

-Master's Sun (2013)
I already mentioned why I watched this if I already explained my reasoning in a previous segment, I'll just move on...

-You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin (2013)

-Personal Taste (2010)

-My Sunshine Girl (reviewed)  (2012)

Currently Watching:

-The Inheritors / Heirs / its long title that I'm too lazy to type (2013)
I guess I'll type my reasons for the "Present" dramas, regardless of whether or not the motivations have been covered...
Well, this one's simple: Lee Min Ho.

-School 2013 (As I write this post, I'm on the last episode :)) (I also finished this the day this was posted) (2013)
My motivation here is also simple: Lee Jong Suk. (Although, now both this and Heirs are making me love Kim Woo Bin as well...)

-Soul (2009) was Halloween two days ago. Because of that, when I joined this Facebook group, Operation: Kdrama Chat, this murder-mystery/horror drama was the choice for the group to watch/discuss.
Exciting, right?

-Five Fingers (2012)
My reasoning isn't difficult for those who know me in real life. I'm one of those musically involved kids at my school, and the first instrument I learned how to play was the piano. In this revenge drama...the piano plays a major part. At least, that's what I think.

Possibly Up Next:

-Sungkyunkwan Scandal (I started this on the day this post was published) (2010)
Yeah, there's Park Min Young and Song Joong Ki, but I have other drives, too...
It's supposed to contain more female "empowerment" and whatnot... Not to mention that SKKS is a historical drama. I haven't watched a sageuk yet, but I love history, so I'm hoping this will help me get into the genre.

-I'm also going to watch Fragile somewhat soon, but it's a Spanish-language drama, so...I won't be talking about it much, if at all, on this blog anyway.

Nice Guy / Innocent Man (2012)
I originally had Queen In Hyun's Man in this spot when I first posted this, but then I started Sungkyunkwan Scandal and, um...
Hi, Song Joong Ki...I'm going to be watching the early Running Man episodes at some point, too, because of you... (Jang Yi and I love him a lot. She made me watch A Werewolf Boy a few months back, so...yeah.)

Hello, So Ji Sub.

I have yet to come up with a good system for picking the next Kdramas I watch...we'll see what happens.


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