Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wopping Wednesday: INFINITE H

I'm warning you ahead of time; this post is not very interesting.

Now, let me get this straightened out: I honestly haven't really listened to Infinite H all that much before writing this post... At least I now have an excuse to!

Let me rephrase that...I've been meaning to listen to more of Infinite H's songs, but I just haven't gotten around to it... It's not that I forgot about them - ohhh, no, not with me becoming an Infinite fan - but I've just been preoccupied with watching Kdramas as well as listening to other groups.

But I don't think they're bad or anything; otherwise, I wouldn't be doing a post on them, right? :P

So before we get to the music, let's give ourselves (mostly me) some background...

There are these two members of the K-pop boy band known as Infinite who were placed into this subgroup. Both of them are rappers in the group... Dongwoo (on the right in the pictures) is the main rapper of Infinite, and Hoya (left) is a rapper/vocalist...

The whole group debuted in 2010, but I'm not posting about the whole group yet. Infinite H officially debuted as a subgroup in January of 2013. I guess the official debut date could be considered January 10, because that's when the music video for "Special Girl" was released, but *shrug* what do I know?

Goofy: "Donald, you know, uh, I betcha that --"

Donald Duck: "Ah, what do you know, you big palooka?"

Goofy: "What do I know?"

(little dialogue excerpt from Kingdom Hearts)

Well, uh, anyway...

That's about as much as I can divulge about the subgroup as a whole...because it's a newer one...and this is my first group/duo "Wopping Wednesday"...

You know what? I'm going to shut up now - no, I am not - and start putting in the videos.

"Special Girl" was the debut single for Infinite H. A few months ago, my friend, Jen (my brother's friend's sister and immense TOP and Infinite fan), showed me this song and...I thought it was kind of cute. I'm still not entirely used to it, and it's a song that takes a little getting used to, at least for my personal taste. However, this may be due to Bumkey, the featured artist; his vocal tone is...not what I am accustomed to... 

And now, I will look at some of the other songs the duo has released thus far...

I think I know what my problem is... I've never been that interested in the hip-hop/R&B style. They're not a bad group, they're really not - and I think I'll end up liking this group. After all, my main issue is with American hip-hop/R&B, but its Korean counterpart and I are on slightly better terms.

The two songs I've put here so far are kind of laid-back sorts of songs, and that's perfectly fine with me :) Like I said, the songs don't entirely fit my tastes, but I can musically flexible at times - plus, there are definitely people out there whose tastes coincide with Infinite H's style.

Plus, the dancing in this video for "Without U" is nice and smooth...I just had to say my first thought :P As the song continues, I start to like it more... (Keep in mind that this is the second time I've listened to "Without U," and the last time was two months ago.) However, part of me doubts that my iTunes playlists will ever include very many Zion T songs; again, this is just my personal issue. He has a Taeyang-esque voice, I just realized...but this is not a post about Zion T.

Aaaaand, that's the end of their music videos, so on to the audio tracks!

What a "Victorious Way" to open the *shrug* I'm just searching for puns to insert now...

These songs invade your mind...though that's nothing new when it comes to K-pop. (Seriously, there was this one time when the chorus to "Special Girl" was stuck in my head for a whiiiile... More than one time, actually...) When it gets to the skippy part (how do I describe it? The stereotypical club DJ effect?), my ears perked up.

I'm debating whether or not to just put the whole EP on here, because including the song immediately following this sentence, I've put all but one song - and I'm kind of liking that song.

Way to "Fly High," guys --

Pamela, you need to quit it with the puns...

Fine! But in all honesty, this is probably one of my favorite songs so far on this mini-album, and I am really not sure why.

You know what? I "Can't Do It" (or "I Can't," depending on your source). I can't just end the post without finishing the EP.

Sorry, I included another pun. I also apologize for lying - I think this is one of my favorite songs on this mini-album, but I did not lie about not knowing why that is the case...for both this song and "Fly High".

(Man, what an exciting "Wopping Wednesday" this has been, huh?)

That's the thing with the hip-hop/R&B style of music: there is a relatively small number of songs and artists that I really enjoy, but it's a bit of a coin toss at times whether I'll end up liking them (*cough* G-Dragon *cough*) or not. Right now, though, Infinite H is one of those coins that is standing up on its side, not landing decisively on either face. Though who knows? Maybe soon, it'll start to lean over to the face almost solely dominated by GD.


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