Thursday, October 3, 2013

Annyeong haseyo!

Well, um... *clears throat* Let's get started, shall we?

Welcome to the strange world that is my mind. It is filled with love for video games, anime, J-pop, (some) manga, but most, K-pop and Kdrama. The latter two, at least, are most important in terms of this blog...but that's expressed in the name, so I may or not be typing redundantly at the moment...

"Are you done rambling?" Sora (Kingdom Hearts) asks, crossing his arms impatiently.

Not even close, my friend.

Anyway, I've been sucked into the seemingly inescapable life of a fangirl whose Asian obsessions freak out the people who've known said fangirl the longest. Sorry, family and longtime best friend, it is highly unlikely that I will be "normal." :P

It all started with video games and anime during elementary school.

Then...near the end of elementary school and the start of middle spread to J-pop (mainly Utada Hikaru... *glances over at the fussy Sora* Dude, I'm not going to ramble on about your game right now, even if she sings the theme songs.).

But then came my sophomore year of high school. I met and befriended this one girl, Jang Yi, with whom I attended Chemistry and Phys. Ed. classes everyday. Yeah, we could talk about anime, and she would wonder about Kingdom Hearts while I talked about it with our mutual friend, but there was something missing... On some Phys. Ed days, she would be hanging out with this older girl, and they would discuss this strange thing by the name of "Big Bang."

I felt left out...

So, I decided to download some K-pop. Not just Big Bang, but also IU, f(x), T-ara, and a few others. Aaaand so it began.

As I searched and downloaded more Korean music, it occurred to me: why not get more invested in Korean media/culture and watch the nation's movies and dramas?

My first Kmovie: Sad Movie. (Parts of it certainly were, uh...sad.)

I watched another two movies (The Crucible/Silenced; 200 Pound Beauty) before starting my first Kdrama, which is what ended up exponentially increasing my obsession.

Ah, Boys Over Flowers. You interested me, you bored me, you permanently invaded my mind, and you sucked me into the vortex that is the fandom of Korean drama and music. And that - honestly - was all thanks to a flip of a coin.

Five months after watching Sad Movie, here I am...delaying my homework and starting a blog.

What to do, what to do...

I'm thinking that this blog will consist of some sort of review...being a sixteen-year-old, I'm not quite certain how that'll turn out. Maybe it will also have some culture posts, music posts, language posts, posts concerning the fandoms I'm in (video games, anime, J/K/C-pop, Asian dramas, etc.), and

Since I just mentioned reviews, dramas, and Boys Over Flowers... Wow, what a coincidence! I'm creating this blog right before Heirs...airs. (NOT PUNNY, PAMELA! :P)

Sora, stop giving me that look. I'm almost done.

Sorry for the boredom, fangirls and fanboys; hopefully, the posts will become more coherent. Yeah, the topics will be more focused, so expect more coherency! (Just not concision...) *Fighting!*

Let the blogging begin! *cuts figurative red ribbon with figurative large scissors*

( learn how to put pictures on these posts... Aish, note to self: stop making yourself seem moronic on the Internet. *whispers* This note will be in vain.)

Anyway... Saranghae!


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