Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm Giggling Like an Idiot Right Now; Thanks, Age of Feeling.

You know, I'd be squealing my head off, had my family not been home.

The title of the drama fits, doesn't it? (I'm having so many feels... Now I'm distracted from You're The Best and Heirs for a moment...)

So, I looked up Kim Bum (That Winter, The Wind Blows, Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire, Boys Over Flowers) and then, for whatever reason, took a quick look at the actress who played his love interest/Geum Jan Di's best friend in Boys Over Flowers: Kim So Eun. THEN, I noticed one of her upcoming dramas. It looked familiar...though, judging by my reaction, it really isn't that familiar.

Kim So Eun is going to be in a drama that is premiering in January 2014 (after it was pushed back). Why am I going crazy over this right now?

This man is the male lead:
Dude, SS501 may not be officially together at the moment, and you aren't really my bias (I'm choosing not to have an "official bias" for that group...I don't like having biases very often...), but AAAAAAAH!

Kim Hyun Joong! You're coming back to a drama? Don't leave this one, please

To the people working on Age of Feeling: do not let these intense feels go to waste. \

Anyway, so this drama's supposed to be set in the 1930s in Shanghai, China, around the time that Mao began picking up speed in his revolution that would lead to him and his party taking over China in 1949. Now, I learned more about this era in my AP World History class last school year, so - although I'm not an expert, even with the other information I learned outside of class - I will be a bit critical, but I also may not really care (no, I will, but that's beside the point.).

I can't freaking WAIT until more news comes out about this drama. If it's not obvious, I am very excited. O~O *FEELS*


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