Friday, October 4, 2013

I'll miss you, Master's Sun...

Although my reasoning for watching this since its premiere was slightly illogical and kind of dumb, I'm glad I started it...and that I didn't stop watching it pre-emotional-overload :P

But let me say this: I realized during episode 16 that Joo Joong Won basically is buying Tae Gong Sil's love throughout the series. Yes, he's there for her emotionally; protecting her and dying for her for example. However, when he hires her, she has a priced placed on her (10 billion won).

 Joo Joong Won does grow emotionally throughout the series - that much is obvious; this is a Kdrama's male lead I'm talking about here. But...then he decides to seemingly or jokingly bribe Tae Gong Sil back into his arms in episode 16 by bragging about how many rich-boy commodities he owns. (I'm trying not to write spoilers here, but this really isn't that big of one, to be honest...)


He's supposed to go to "a meeting where a lot of money is on the line. For each second, [he...or the deal... *shrug*] could could lose 100 million won, and I'm giving this time to you." It demonstrates that he's giving up his...precious time to be with her after at least 375 days apart, and it also suggests that he thinks of Tae Gong Sil as being worth more than the money he's apparently losing, but that is still placing a value - however ambiguous - on her worth.

Nope. I'm not reviewing this series right now. Pamela, stop it. Anyway, let's return to my point.

I'll miss the strangeness.

I'll miss the cuteness.

I'll miss the INTENSE FEELS that I felt from episode 6 onward.

I'll miss So Ji Sub...
and Choi Jung Woo...
and even Gong Hyo-Jin...
and Seo In Guk (not as much as the first two actors listed, but I have a reason to keep Rascal Sons on my TBW list, as well as to add Answer 1997/Reply 1997 to it. But maybe I won't miss him as much because I know he'll be in a movie with my Socky Tree Monkey - Lee Jong Suk - soon O~O)

I'll miss the music - no, wait... *goes to music on phone* I still have the soundtrack right here!

I'll miss this especially: *waves hand in front of face* Kkeojyeo.

It took me six episodes to realize how much I'd come to enjoy you, Master's Sun, but now that you're over... *wants to cry but can't anymore*

On the bright side, now Master's Sun can fulfill the purpose that I had initially planned at the beginning of August because...

HEIRS PREMIERES NEXT WEEK! (I know that this upcoming drama likely won't be as good as this one, to be honest, but whatever...)

Now... Kkeojyeo. :D


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