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Wopping Wednesday: Park Jung Min

Nice work, iTunes: "Wopping Wednesday" has two SS501 members in a row!
Hey, Mal...How's that long hair of yours doing recently...?
Most of the pictures with his recently long hair I haven't liked that much...but hey, I still love his voice. It's deep; it's powerful; it's one of the smoothest voices I listen to. When I first started listening to SS501 and I was trying to distinguish each of the members voices, I thought to myself when I heard him singing, "Well, this guy has the smoothest tone out of the five of them." Seriously, I'm not joking; he sounds like silk to me at times.

"Sexy Charisma" or "Mal" (horse) is the second youngest member of SS501, as he is four months older than my Baby Bentley here, aka Kim Hyung Jun. He joined DSP Entertainment after switching over from SM because he thought he'd debut more quickly through the former; he'd been told about there being a new, large singing group at SM, whom he thinks was likely Super Junior. (I'm trying to picture him in SuJu and I just can't...) 

With SS501, he debuted in June 2005 and sang a couple solos while they were still active. After the group's contract expired, Park Jung Min was the first of the members to debut as a solo artist under CNr Media with his Not Alone EP. In 2012, he filed a lawsuit against and left the company, joining Yamaha A&R and CJ E&M (I'm not quite sure which one it is...but I've heard the latter more) and releasing Beautiful at the end of the year. Park Jung Min has also been performing in Japan since 2012 under the pseudonym "Romeo" (even though we all know it's him anyway, so it's not much of one.).

In 2008, he also was in the musical of the Korean version of Grease, in which he played the main role of Danny Park (Danny Zuko).

Just like Kim Hyung Jun, Park Jung Min has released songs that are very, very high on my song-loving list. Maybe you'll see why below :)

But first...speaking of Baby Bentley and Sexy Charisma (oh, don't worry; he'll have his own Pamela-fashioned nickname soon)'s a screenshot from SS501's short 2005-2006 variety show, Thank You For Waking Me Up! (The host went into whatever apartment the group was staying in at the time and had to...wake them up. It's really cute!)
He's an ass in the morning. :)

Now that that's been settled, let's move on to the music itself. (I say "let's" as if people are actually reading this :P)
Pertaining to his official solo debut song, "Not Alone," all I can say is this: prepare for the epicness.
(Seriously, I really love the instrumentals in this song; this is one of the few songs whose instrumental version I will actually download.)


Now we go back two years to SS501's Solo Collection, in which he sings "하면은 안돼 (If You Cannot)," featuring Jisun from the now disbanded South Korean rock group Loveholic. She kind of reminds me of Utada Hikaru in this song...but that's just me, and this is about Park Jung Min right now. This song isn't quite the one placed above, but it's still nice to listen to, in my opinion.

The video for "Beautiful" is cute...and the song is fun. :) It's kind of disco-y, but it's still modernly fun enough to dance to.

And now, for the finale of awesomeness, we return to the style that is similar to "Not Alone"...

(Don't be thrown off by the lack of HD quality.) This is his first song released under the persona of "Romeo," "Give Me Your Heart." In 2012, Park Jung Min/Romeo released "Midnight Theatre" (following a few EPs that included songs from this album), which featured a more...haunted style, I guess? The word "darker" comes to mind as well. The song is powerful, dark, and works well for Halloween next week. :)

(This post is a little less cohesive than my other ones have been - and that's saying something. Anyway, I apologize...)


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