Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hmm... See you later, Personal Taste!

I just finished episode 16 of Personal Taste about...four-and-a-half hours ago. It was nice to, in the only free homeroom I have this week, watch IU's comeback music video and then finish up the last 20-30 minutes of this drama's final installment. (During my band lesson today, I had mentioned that I was almost done with the last episode of a drama, and nobody teased me about it! Granted, the fact that it was a Korean drama wasn't explicitly mentioned, but my peers and band director know me well enough at this point to guess :P)

Now, I regret saying this: I skipped little parts of the last 6 episodes. However, I had my heart set on finishing this drama today so that when I start Heirs and School 2013 tomorrow, there won't be any frantic guilt; this excludes the unfinished You're The Best, Lee Soon-Shin because *insert self-patronizingl toned laugh* I knew this wouldn't be finished by tomorrow. At this point (stupid homework.), I doubt I'll even finish it by the weekend :(

When I watch Personal Taste again for review, I'll try not to skip over the scenes in episodes 11-16 with the annoying Kim In Hee...and Han Chang Ryul's dad (the former irritates me more...). Seriously, that girl is one of the most annoying female antagonists in Kdrama I've encountered so far - and I am well aware of Goo Joon Pyo's mom, as she comes in as a close second now. Oh, there's also You're The Best's Choi Yeon Ah, but she doesn't evoke as spitefully annoyed a reaction as In Hee.

AISH, I can't stand you. You're pretty, but that doesn't make you redeemable.

Granted, I won't be forcing myself to rush as much, so that'll help...

It's cute, though. (You know, in a "this was an okay attempt" kind of way...)

There is so much second-hand embarrassment that...I can't even conjure up a random analogy. However, that's part of why I started enjoying the show, because I'll admit: Lee Min Ho wouldn't have been able to make me enjoy the drama all by his lonesome.

Now...I didn't want to be watching two Lee Min Ho-led dramas at once...because this -

...and this -

I can't handle them both. (Yay, I've mastered the simple art of putting pictures on a blog post! *sarcastic enthusiasm* Well...now I can rub my annoyance in your face! *more sarcastic enthusiasm*)

Anyway, this post, although shorter in terms of word-count than my previous posts, has gone on long enough...and has just bounced all over the place far too many times.

I'll just finish my homework and suppress my excitement for School 2013 and Heirs until I join Jang Yi after our half-day at school to watch my Socky Tree Monkey (a.k.a. Lee Jong Suk... Don't ask.) in another drama.


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