Sunday, October 20, 2013

Can Any Kdrama Work As a First Kdrama?

It doesn't matter how experienced in Kdrama-viewing any of us are; we all know the answer to this question. It really depends on the person, though.

Now, I am on the newer end of the watching spectrum, and this fact both helps and hurts my ability to judge this. I started watching my first drama five months ago, so that gives me an advantage in first-drama opinionating, I guess... As I become more experienced, I don't know if I'll be able to channel my newcomer mindset, but as long as I have this type of segment in mind, I think that this topic will be continually analyzed in my mind for every drama I introduce myself to.

Two of my friends say that I was the one who brought them further into the vortex (*shrug* I guess...), although I spend more of my time thinking about/analyzing/watching than they do. The strange thing for me is that the two of them - Asadia and Jang Yi - have been into K-pop for a lot longer than I have. In fact, Jang Yi was the one who got me interested in K-pop (an obsession which expanded into Korean culture itself). It goes both ways with us in this regard.

However, since there is a practically nonexistent probability of me feeding my other friends to the swallowing monster that is the Kdrama fandom, this upcoming segment will have to suffice. *pout*

What will this series of posts be about, though?'ll be about first Kdramas.

"What about first Kdramas, Pamela?" a few people may ask.

"You're about to find out," I respond while suppressing an evil smirk.

Everyone has a taste in what types of shows they like - a "Personal Taste," if you will. Some are excited for action or revenge dramas. Some sit on the edges of their seats for suspense. Some cackle over comedies, or are moved by the melancholy of melodramas.

(...Then there are audience affiliates growing angry with my annoying alliteration.)

Those aren't the only factors in whether a person will enjoy a show, especially if that person is being introduced to a whole world of programs. One lesson I've learned since I started Boys Over Flowers in May is that references, feels, and cliches are necessary to master. American shows have different types of these three aspects of the fandom.

What I have decided on is a bi-weekly (or weekly, as this aspect has yet to be determined) series posted on Fridays. I will write up a post describing the aspects of a show that I have previously viewed that may interest or disinterest a non-Kdrama viewer. My opinions may be slightly biased, as I am sixteen, and I'm inclined to believe that much of the stomach of the B2ST has been filled with adults. (Dude, you're trying to be somewhat serious, and you're still making puns?) Our ideas of what is relatable to our respective demographics likely differs, but I will try my best.

The title will be something along the lines of... "First Drama Fridays"? That sounds unoriginal, in hindsight. "Friday the First"? Oooh, the second one sounds cool...but that may just be because Halloween is next week. "Friday of Firsts" sounds kind of *ahem* wrong... It makes more sense, but my mind can't get over what it's thinking... *shudders*

Hm... Either "Friday the First" or "Friday the Firsts" will be the title - because there is a difference. Or maybe it will end up being "First Drama Fridays"... Aigoo, my indecisiveness has seeped into the blog already?

Now that I've done little to build up my credibility for this segment...and written a weird metaphor...

See (few of) you on Friday!


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