Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fanfictions on Vocab Quizzes

In my AP Language & Composition class, my teacher gives us short packets with 10 groups of vocabulary words that are likely to be included on SAT questions. After we've gone through all 10 groups in a packet, the class takes a quiz. On this quiz, we're given a list of all of the words in the particular vocabulary packet and can either just write sentences using the words...or we can write short little stories.

I chose the second option for the first quiz, and I plan on choosing it tomorrow for the second quiz.

The story I wrote incorporating the vocabulary words was about these two:

Luhan (right) and Sehun (left) from the Chinese-Korean boy band known as EXO.

The story was sadly derived from the frequency of Luhan being innocent and Sehun being somewhat of a cold jerk in fanfictions... I don't know if I should put it up here for everyone to laugh at, because it's one of the worst creatively intended stories I've written in a long time, I think...but we'll see.

Anyway, for the quiz that my class is taking tomorrow, I decided that I will write a short story about Sora and Riku from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. You know, that series that I've been referencing in many of my posts so far? :P
The two characters I'm talking about are the two boys; Kairi (the girl on the right) may or may not even show up in the story.

Fandoms have been taking over my life...but it's been so long for some of the ones I've been a part of that I don't even mind anymore... :)

Let's hope I write this story well tomorrow!


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