Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm Scared to Review This... (School 2013)

Now, to be clear, I haven't finished School 2013. I'm on episode 10. I would be a lot farther, had my computer's internet connection not gone all screwy on me this weekend - primarily today. Hopefully, I will finish episode 16 before Saturday so that I can review it then.

That is, if the three other dramas I am watching, my schoolwork, and my family don't prevent this from happening.

The sooner I finish School 2013, the sooner I can review it and begin Sungkyunkwan Scandal and try to make some progress in Five Fingers whilst keeping up to date with Soul (watching it for this Kdrama chat...) and Heirs.'s my problem:

I realized about half-an-hour ago that it's going to be very difficult to be objective in my review of School 2013. It's only my second review, so I'm not extremely experienced in organizing my thoughts in this particular manner. There's also the simple realization that I've been spending a lot of my viewing time being bombarded by FEELS. I can pay attention just fine if the scene involves anyone else, or if it excludes you, but...

Lee Jong Suk. I can't handle you...I really can't...

Man, even when you're partially a jerk, you still make me squeal every time you show up on my screen.

(This makes me think that I might have to let go of my indecisiveness when it comes to picking a favorite actor...might. That freaking oppa.)


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