Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wopping Wednesday: Kim Hyung Jun

Since I started My Sunshine Girl/Glowing She a couple days ago, I'm back to my plentiful Kim Hyung Jun enthusiasm for the time being.

His voice may be incredibly nasally, but...I guess I really don't care. (I hope the people in my choir at school don't read this :P) Out of the five members of SS501, he makes me freak out in fangirling due to his cuteness the most often... This is what you get for being the maknae, Baby Bentley.

I came up with that nickname the other day... The "Baby" comes from the nickname given to him by the Triple S fanclub due to the confusion between him and "Leader" Kim Hyun Joong (you see why there's confusion, right?). The "Bentley" comes from a few blog posts that I read in my early days in the fandom. For his animal nickname, it was said that he was given the nickname "Turtle" due to his appearance, which I'm kind of skeptical about...but whatever. He does kind of look turtle-ish. ADD the fact that he sings with a nasally tone. He's named after Bentley, the permanently congested turtle from the Sly Cooper video game franchise...
I'm sorry, I've made no sense whatsoever...

Now that I've rambled about my nickname for him...Let's talk about the idol himself.

He debuted as the youngest member of the K-pop boy band SS501 back in 2005. When the band had to go their separate ways due to an expired contract with DSP Media in 2010, all five members developed solo careers. Kim Hyung Jun signed with S-Plus Entertainment and Avex Entertainment for his Korean and Japanese activities, respectively. His official solo debut was with his My Girl EP in 2011 in Korea.

Baby Bentley was born on August 3, 1987. Kim Hyung Jun's younger brother is a member of UKISS: Kim Kibum.

The idol has also ventured into acting. I won't mention everything he's been in here, though. I'll just name three recent productions he's been in...

In 2012, he appeared in what I'm not sure is a film or a drama: Late Blossom, or I Love You. I think he played a secondary role as a public service officer who forms a relationship with a co-worker. (allkpop)

That same year, he was in My Sunshine Girl, which I'm currently watching. He plays a bratty top star singer (oh, really.), but I still haven't figured out his position in the love triangle with the female lead and her senior writer... He's probably the male lead, though. (This drama has a lot of, uh... *ahem* stuff. In the first episode, he and this one girl make out on a bed and his shirt comes off. I was not prepared for that.)

Kim Hyung Jun was also part of the main cast in Pots of Gold, also known as I Summon You, Gold! from April to September 2013.

Now that I've skimmed over his career, let's listen to some of his solo songs... I'm not going to include a ton of his songs, especially since his debut music highlights his nasally problem, and it may throw some people off... These are a few of my personal favorites, though :)

"달콤, Everyday" is from the soundtrack for My Sunshine Girl. I started liking this song even before I started the drama because it's just such a sweet song. Out of all of his songs, this is one of my favorites for that reason. Ah... "saranghae yeongwonhi," Kim Hyung Jun.

I love this song so much! Part of it's the melody...but I just adore this song a LOT! He conveys his sadness pretty well in his voice, which is another reason why I love to repeat this song over...and over...and over again. *blushes and efficiently hides on the other side of the computer screen*

Yeah, the music video is kind of long, but I was so focused on the music video's overall story that it didn't even feel boringly long. Kim Hyung Jun is not the sole focus of the plot, so that helps. This video is either a sequel or a prequel to his video for 나쁜 남자라서 (Bad Guy Thing). The song's style is sort of R&B-like, I guess...a little bit on the older side of the genre, in my opinion. It's also a simpler type of song, but it isn't boring in my opinion.

Apparently, there's supposed to be a 25-minute video that includes "Just Let It Go" and "Bad Guy Thing," but I haven't found it yet...and there's only about 16-17 minutes with the two videos I found.

I'll bring up a more recent release. The music video was uploaded back in August, and 우리둘이 (Always Love You) features Kota from Sunny Hill... It's so sweet and cute! O~O

For me, some of his songs have immense replay-ability...but that's just me :P

Saranghae, Baby! (That's still kind of weird for me to say...I'm not used to calling people that...)


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