Monday, October 14, 2013

Sweet Frustration: I Finished You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin...

I wasn't sure how to title this post...but you get the idea.

It was a nice, warm show, with plenty of frustrating ajummas and unnis to make me swear at my computer.

The female soundtrack singers sound like IU, which I guess is a fortunate coincidence.

Some of the male supporting characters are just too adorable. Yeah, Shin-depyonim is nice and cute, and the restaurant owner is one of the most caring characters I've ever come across. But, it's these two:

Chan Woo and Seo Jin Wook, you both are twice my age, but you're ruining my romantic future with how freaking sweet and cute and adorable you are! You keep raising my expectations, tsk tsk tsk.

Jebbangsa Ajussi. I just... I can't handle you! (Jebbangsa means baker, according to polyglot...)

I came for IU, I stayed for these men, as well as the relationships that developed. Well, I would've stayed anyway, these factors just made it more enjoyable.

People say the plot development was slow, which I do agree with, to a degree. This was my first "family drama," and the longest drama I've watched thus far. Because of its length, I expected the plot to move slowly, so I was fine with it thanks to the great watch-ability of the show. Also because of it's length, I'm kind of scared for the time when I'll have to re-watch this for a review...

I need to start a drama with the mindset that I'm going to review it in order to feel like I deserve to do so at the end...

But anyway, I loved this sweet, (not so) little drama; it was a nice way to start the school year; it was a nice way to spend my days post-wisdom-teeth-removal. (Uh...I don't think I needed to say that...)

Oh, and how fitting is it that I finished the drama at the beginning of IU's musical comeback?


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