Friday, October 4, 2013

My Kdramas: Past, Present, and Immediate Future

Since it's early on in the blog, I guess it would be worth noting the Kdramas I've watched thus far. Please keep in mind that I've only been watching them since May, and I also have homework and (at least sort of) a I don't often have the opportunity to have little Kdrama marathons...Sorry about that...

The dramas are listed in order of when I started watching them. Also, I've also included the reasoning behind why I chose to watch it. :)

-Boys Over Flowers: Well...when I originally began the first episode in early May, the choice was entirely random; it was literally up to a series of coin tosses. However, I only got through a few minutes before stopping due to my annoyance with Geum Jan Di (and I hadn't even seen any of the F4 yet - maybe that was why I stopped :P). A week went by, and I couldn't get the show out of my mind; so I started again...and I finished it this time!

-Playful Kiss: To be completely honest...Kim Hyun Joong was my reasoning for watching it. (Although by the end of the drama, my love had balanced out among the SS501 members after actually doing some research on all of them. But I won't get into that right now.)

-Panda and the Hedgehog (or Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog or...whatever): I think it was right after I started Playful Kiss that I started this one... My friend, Jang Yi, came over to my house one day, and we decided to start a Kdrama. She chose this one, due to it starring Super Junior's Lee Donghae. This had actually been bookmarked on my computer for a later date anyway, worked out nicely!

-City Hunter: I know I'm not alone in saying that Lee Min Ho was my primary motivation...right...?

-I Hear Your Voice: This one was also picked by my aforementioned friend. She'd actually gotten up to episode 10, but she really wanted to have me watch it when she came over on a different day. (Though, to be fair, I did end up getting her to watch City Hunter, so it kind of evens out. :P)

-Flower Boy Next Door: (I think I set a record for myself for the shortest amount of time it takes for me to finish a took no longer than a week.) I had read this one iffy review on KDrama Fighting (I'm so proud of myself for adding a link... *pathetic*), and I'd been hearing quite a bit about I just said, "What the heck?" and watched it.

Currently watching:

-Master's Sun: As much as I love it now, my reason for watching this one is just plain illogical. On SBS, Master's Sun began after I Hear Your Voice and precedes The Heirs... So in order for me to keep track of the premiere of the latter, I decided to watch this. (Note: I am SO glad I did. It took me until episode 6 to realize my enjoyment, but now... FEELS! O~O)

-You're The Best, Lee Soon-Shin: IU. IU. IU. I'm sorry, but she is the reason I watched it - although I feel like a moron for not starting it back in May. *mutter* 50 episodes, aish...

-Personal Taste: This also has to do with The Heirs. I wanted to watch one more Lee Min Ho-starring drama before it...airs. My curiosity was leaning a bit more towards this series than Faith, so *shrugs*. (Note: The main reason I'm enjoying this is because of the overwhelming second-hand embarrasment.)

And now for the fun part...I think...

Directly Up Next:

After I finish Master's Sun, You're The Best, and Personal Taste, these are the three that will take their places:

-The Heirs: Tell me you didn't see that one coming. 2/3 of the current dramas I'm watching are being viewed by me because of this show! primary reason for this is Lee Min Ho. My secondary reason is Park Shin Hye (I've only seen her in FBND, so I want to see how good of an actress she is...). And my tertiary reason is Woo Bin due to the fact that I will also be watching...

-School 2013: Woo Bin is not why I'm watching this. Lee Jong Suk, a.k.a. Socky Tree Monkey - my personal nickname - is, though...

-My Sunshine Girl: Oh, hey, another drama that I'm watching because of an idol actor! Now I'll be able to laugh at Kim Hyung Jun in a drama, too, not just Kim Hyun Joong!

Now, just to be clear, the dramas I have bookmarked to watch after these three are not all bookmarked solely because an idol I'm familiar with is in them; there are a lot that feature people that I may or may not have heard of, and haven't even watched yet. I'd be an ignorant Kdrama fan if I lived out my life only watching dramas with familiar idols - but that's just my opinion; if you do this, more power to ya :)

(Again, I'm so proud of myself! Uh...why Luhan was chosen as the first picture I figured out how to upload onto the blog, I'm not quite sure...)



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